1 150 837 ! ….

This is the number of jobs that are currently available in France. And, assuming that not all vacancies are made public, we believe that the reality would be over 1,500,000 jobs!

Why are there so many vacancies?

There are many explanations, and we have selected 2 of them:

  • Economic activity, driven by innovation, is doing well. New sectors of activity are emerging and creating new jobs with new skills required ;
  • The partial liberalisation of the labour market has made it easier for companies to hire.

Why is this a problem?

  • On the one hand, because it slows down the growth of certain companies that cannot produce or sell, even though the market and the customers are there ;
  • Because on the other hand, competition is at least European, and companies from other countries are taking market share in France and elsewhere.

What are the avenues for resolution?

There are many avenues, and we have selected just one: international sourcing.

This is the perfect time to help French companies looking for talent and to enter the international competition:

  • · by bringing qualified and carefully selected professionals from the 5 Continents to France ;
  • by recruiting Talents from abroad to join the local subsidiaries of these same companies.

This is what we are able to do.

Contact : Rodolph Castel – +33(0) – https://castel-hr-group.com/