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For your business units throughout France and your expansion.

Our consultancy business in France

Paul-William Castel HR is dedicated to assignments and projects throughout France.

We have excellent knowledge of France and a team of experienced professionals working alongside our customers as they develop or simply to support their national expansion from the PACA region.

Our firm operates throughout the country.

Alone or with a partner, we quickly put everything in place to ensure the success of the missions entrusted to us.

We operate from Marseille to Bordeaux, Nantes to Lille, Paris to Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon and beyond.

Our offers to support your growth in France

organisation | Castel HR Group

Relocation, new sites, organic growth projects.

Due diligence, merger-acquisitions, IPOs.

Social and human resources audits, employment and skills forward planning.

Restructuring, reorganisation and site closure.

gestion-des-talents | Castel HR Group

Sourcing, selection and recruitment of rare or sought-after talents.

Customised soft-skills training.

Skills assessment and career development consulting.

Employer brand

management | Castel HR Group

Tailor-made managerial and leadership training.

Customised change management training.

Team building design and facilitation.

Facilitation of practice analysis workshops.

DRH augmenté | Castel HR Group

Recruitment or provision of competent HR managers to lead your development projects.

Part-time HR expert.

Outsourcing and/or outsourced management of the HR department.

Set-up or re-engineering of the Human Resources Department.

international | Castel HR Group

Organisational consulting and growth support.

Sourcing, selection and recruitment of rare or sought-after talents.

Support for HR management in another country.

Duplication of management and team building programs and training

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