Why laughing at work is good for your growth?

At first sight, it is not obvious for everyone. In the same way that we wonder if we can laugh at everything… We can ask ourselves if we can laugh at work…

Because laughter is not only the instinctive expression of joy in reaction to a given situation (funny), but it is also what allows the body to relax. Not immediately intuitive in the professional environment.

In fact, the functions of laughter are multiple and the place of humor in the company can have very beneficial effects:

In contexts of good stress, related to the growth of the company and all that must be done to achieve the objectives and solve the pitfalls; laughing at work allows to (re)-put humanity in the organization and also consciously and unconsciously spreads positive signals becoming then identity and part of the company culture.

And everyone will understand the difference between laughing and having fun!

Trying it is adopting it.